Anything from hiking, to cooking, to working can cause a sprain or a strain. Sprains and strains are very common injuries that affect different parts of the body.

Our board-certified orthopaedic physicians and pain specialists at Elmhurst Orthopaedics will work with you to develop a comprehensive personalized treatment plan to ensure that your sprain or strain is treated with diligence and care in order to avoid re-injury.


What’s the Difference Between a Sprain or Strain?


A sprain is characterized as the stretching or tearing of ligaments, the fibrous tissue in your joints that connect your bones. The most common place to experience a sprain is in your ankle, and sprains are usually caused by overextending or tearing a ligament while putting stress on a joint (hiking on an uneven surface, falling while outstretched, etc.). Swelling and bruising is often visible but may not always be present depending on the severity of your injury.


A sprain is a stretching or tearing of ligaments — the tough bands of fibrous tissue that connect two bones together in your joints. The most common strains occur in your lower back or hamstrings and are usually caused by the muscle itself being strained, pulled, or torn (acute strain), or from prolonged and repetitive movement (chronic strain).


Common Symptoms of Sprains:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Limited mobility
  • Popping sound in joint

Common Symptoms of Strains:

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Muscle spasms

How do I know if I should see the doctor or if I need surgery?


Minor sprains and strains can be treated at home with rest, ice, compression, and elevation. However, for more severe sprains and strains, you may require surgery. If you are unable to walk without being in pain, unable to move the joint, or have any numbness or tingling in the injured area, call us 630-834-0491 today.

When you experience a sprain or strain, our medical team at Elmhurst Orthopaedics is here to provide you with high-quality personalized care to ensure your long-term health. Our expert orthopaedic surgeons and pain specialists will provide you with an accurate diagnosis and a personalized comprehensive treatment plan, using surgical treatment as a last-resort option.

To determine what treatment is needed for your sprain or strain, contact us at 630.834.0491 or make an appointment online with one of our board certified orthopaedic physicians.

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